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14 National Red

Christine Duceska

Christine has coach various age groups from 9s-15s. Her style of coaching is technical, and she takes pride to help ensure athletes perform to their fullest potential. She has grown and developed many athletes throughout her years of coaching.

Some Coaching Highlights:

  • 2022 14.5 ASICS Classic, 2nd in Gold

  • 2022 14.5 Western Classic, 2nd in Gold

  • 2022 14.5 North Texas Spring Showdown, 2nd in Gold

  • 2022 14.5 Show Me Qualifier in Kansas City, 3rd in Gold out of 83 teams

  • 2022 14.5 Mid-East Qualifier in St. Louis, 5th in Gold out of 64 teams

  • 2021 15.7 Regional, Western Classic, 2nd in Gold

  • 2020 15.7 Regional, 1st in Silver, MLK

  • 2020 13.6 Regional, 1st in Silver MLK

  • 2020 14.7 Regionals, Winter Classic, 1st in Silver

  • 2020 14.7 Regional, 1st in Silver, North Texas Invitational

  • 2019 14.7 Regional, Nike Invitational, 3rd in Gold

  • 2012-2018, Metro teams, always ranked 40th or higher


Natalie Hawkins

Natalie has 12 years of experience playing volleyball. She played club at Frisco Flyers for 8 years mostly as a middle blocker. She currently plays volleyball at Brookhaven College as an opposite hitter. She has  experience coach younger girls 7-9 at summer camps and skills clinics and coached a team over the summer of 5th graders. This will be Natalie's first year assistant coaching at Summit.

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